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Rivers of Nepal


Koshi river system is trans-boundary river originating from Tibetan Plateau, crosses the Himalayas and….


Gandaki river system lies in central part of Nepal. It is a trans-boundary river system, originating from……..


Karnali river basin, drains most of the mid and far western development region of Nepal. Karnali river originates…..


Mahakali river system lies to the westernmost boarder of Nepal. The river has its origin in Api Himal within…..

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Karnali Sacred River Corridor

Nepal’s longest and only free flowing river should be left as it is
Bhutan has declared free-flowing rivers, and even Australia has set aside the Franklin River.
Why cannot Nepal learn from the mistakes of other countries?

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RIVER IS LIFE–Photography Competition

Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) announces Digital Photography Competition 2020 with the theme of “River is Life”based on Nepal. Nature enthusiast, students, travelers, beginners and professional photographers and individuals are requested to submit your photograph. Foreign nationals are also eligible with photograph taken within Nepal.

If you have such photographs! we request you to choose THE BEST and send to us for the competition.

Opportunities and Events4

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