River and Community

Rivers are the cradles of our civilizations. Our ancient cultures has sprang up along the rivers, such as the Niile, and the Indus civilization. Rivers deposits nutritious slit on flood plains and deltas, forming agricultural lands for cultivation.  They contain only 0.003% of the water on Earth.

Rivers are being revered as gods in our culture. Besides their historical values they are one of the holy or sacred places in Hindu culture.

Freshwater fisheries currently sustain up to 550 milluon people on as fish-based diet.

Rivers provide large range of ecosystem services such as water supply and regulation for free. Rivers absorb rainfall and release over time. They protect the community against the floods and droughts.

Rivers generate power. Hydro-power accounts for over 16% of the world’s electricity.

While over-exploitation of rivers through dam building and pollution has threatened the water security of almost 5 billion people around the world.